Q. I opened my URL in Screenster recording popup and see a screenshot. What should I do?
A. You can do what you usually do when visiting this page: click on links, type something in text area fields.
Q. I’ve recorded a test and saw that a wrong element was clicked on a certain step. Should I record my test anew to update the click target
A. No. It is easy to change the target for your action: just open your test in edit mode (the ‘pencil’ button on the top menu), find a proper step, click on an page element on screenshot that you need to interact with, ensure it is highlighted and click on the small ‘index finger’ button in the menu which appears. You’re done!
Q. I keep clicking on items in my global menu but the dropdowns do not appear. What’s wrong?
A. Probably your menu displays dropdowns when you hover over it, not when you click. In order to send a mouse hover command during recording a Screenster test, just right-click on an item and select the “mouseover” option in a small menu which appears.
Q. I have recorded a test with registration in an online service. It keeps failing during replay. Why?
A. During replay Screenster tries to perform registration with the same credentials as before. It won’t work. Try modifying the credentials before another test execution. In case you need a repeatable registration scenario, click to edit your login step and input the following entry: “${milliseconds}”. Thus Screenster will type a different text each time.
Q. I launched the execution of my test on demo.screenster.io, but it remains in ‘about to start’ stage. What happened?
A. Most likely many people are running their tests at the moment, so the demo’s queue is full. Please wait a few minutes and your test will start.
Q. I started recording a test, took a few steps then got distracted for a few minutes. What happened with my test?
A. Your test was probably automatically cancelled.
Q. My test worked fine for a while, then one day it got broken. I see an error message on one of the steps. What should I do with it?
A. Test can break if the website against which it was recorded is down or has structurally changed to the point where Screenster can not play back the recorded tests steps. Check the error message, make sure the new screenshot is what you expect and that the target element for the step is present and locatable. If you are unable to resolve an issue on your own, or if it looks like an internal Screenster error, please click the ‘Report a problem’ link (at the top) and send us a report describing the problem. We will look into it; but please be informed that we prioritize requests from our paying customers.
Q. I cannot delete a test / a series of tests. Why?
A. Deletion of a test can be blocked if:
  • Test is in progress (of recording or replay);
  • Test was added to a Suite – you have to remove it from there first;
  • Test was extended or invoked in another test – in this case another test is using this one so you have to remove a corresponding command first.
If you are deleting multiple tests at once, please make sure that this selection does not contain any of the above.
Q. Help! My page keeps refreshing / I cannot click on a link / I cannot type a text!
A. It is possible that some hidden CSS elements or scripts on your page make it impossible for Selenium service (which Screenster uses) to interact with it. Please send us the error report, it will help us investigate. In the meantime, you can try creating a test for your page manually. If you open a project page with all tests (you need to click on the ‘Tests’ link in the breadcrumbs), there will be a ‘+’ button in the menu above. Click it and input your starting URL to create a new test. After you execute it once, screenshots will appear and you will be able to add new commands. Sometimes this works better.
Q. Can I run several tests at the same time?
A. Yes. A locally installed Screenster Server, as well as a cloud hosted one, allows multiple concurrent test runs. See our Pricing page for details.
Q. My page is protected by basic HTTP authentication. But Screenster does not display the authentication popup when I open it. What should I do?
A. Screenster does not show the popup for this kind of authentication. However you can use the following URL format when recording a test: http//yourlogin:yourpassword@yourdomain.com.
Q. Can I use Screenster for mobile testing?
A. You can select various kinds of mobile resolutions (or setting your custom resolution) before recording a test. The resolution selection dropdown can be found on the recording popup. Besides, we are planning to add a mobile emulation feature in future releases.
Q. I’ve accidentally run a green test targeting my website which was down at the time. I’ve deleted this last run. Why the test status is still red?
A. With Screenster, you need to rerun a test in order to change its status. If you delete a latest run with errors, it will not be displayed in the main table below FF or Chrome, because another run (which is now the latest one) will be shown there. But the test status will still be red, because the latest result was saved there separately.
Q. I’ve recorded a test, now I want to replay it but cannot see the browser options. What’s the matter?
A. Your test is still a draft, so you need to execute it again in the same browser in order to complete it. After that you’ll be able to select browsers for your next runs.
Q. I’ve just recorded my first test. I am going to add a new step manually. Where is the ‘Invoke’ option?
A. It will appear when there will be any non-draft tests to invoke. You cannot invoke a test inside itself.
Q. I’ve just logged in. Why cannot I import my test? It keeps telling me that the format is incorrect.
A. Make sure you have created a project and opened it before importing tests. The Import button on the home page is for project import – this requires zipped project files, test files won’t do.
Q. Trying to connect to my JIRA from a Screenster test. It says that my credentials are wrong, though I am 100% sure they are correct. Please advise.
A. Probably JIRA wants you to pass captcha during login. Just try to log in to it in the same browser. After you pass the captcha once, you can try logging in from your Screenster test again.
Q. If I acquire a paid plan, will I get my monthly limits and concurrent runs on your Demo server?
A. No, the Demo is for demonstration purposes only, paid users don’t have any advantages there. You’ll be able to use our another cloud server.
Q. I’ve recorded / executed a test on the cloud server. After that I’ve noticed that the number of my remaining local runs for this month was decreased by 3. Why?
A. Yes, this is correct: one run in the cloud equals to 3 local runs. See our Pricing page for details.
Q. I’ve recorded a test. Now I need to run it against different URLs, continuously. Please advise.
A. Extract the test URL as a parameter, then create a dataset specifying any kinds of values for this URL parameter, and then execute this test with this dataset getting a special test run for each URL you’ve specified.
Q. Are you guys planning to add Linux support?
A. Yes, in one of the future releases. Probably later this year, because we have many other features in our scope.


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