10x UI testing automation
cloud or self-hosted
without a line of code

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Why Screenster?

Because it’s 10 times more productive than anything else you've seen — period!

5 minutes per test

Cloud based UI automation testing

That's how long it takes to automate a UI test case on the cloud or on a local server, and you don't have to write code unless you want to.

Self-healing tests

Smart selectors and timeouts

Selenium tests are notoriously fragile. Screenster is full of magic such as auto-correcting smart selectors and automatic timeout management.

No more broken UI

Sleep well, my friend!

Screenster’s Visual Baselines and automatic Content Verification cover every aspect of a UI, which is impossible in Selenium.

How it works

1. Record Visual Baseline

As you interact with a web page Screenster records your actions. Unlike other recorders, it captures a screenshot for each step and stores it as a baseline. As soon as you are done recording, you are practically done automating. No coding, no element ids, no adding checks and assertions.

2. Rerun to Apply Magic

Rerun recorded test and let Screenster optimize it. If differences are detected between the baseline and regression run screenshots, they are highlighted and automatically excluded from future comparison. Parameters are automatically extracted and self-healing selectors stored for all actions.

3. Manage Detected Differences

Screenster can run tests as part of CI. If a difference is detected between the baseline and a regression run, the test is marked as failed. After a review the tester can approve changes to the baseline or report them as a bug.

What makes us special

Browser automation orange dark
Web recorder for tests orange discontinued
Coded tests orange dark
Codeless tests orange
Self-healing tests orange
Guarantees that UI and CSS is not broken orange
100% web based, no local install orange
Tools to support and debug tests orange
Parallel test execution orange
Baseline of UI state orange
Data Driven Tests orange
Test Scheduler orange
Dashboards and reports orange
Team portal for collaboration orange
Integrations with JIRA and CI orange
Development of 10 tests 3 hours 30 hours
Maintenance of 10 tests per month 2 hours 16 hours
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