Screenster CI Client

Download Screenster CI client screenster-ci.jar to a directory on your CI server. To run your projects add the following command invocation to your favorite CI tool:

java -Duser=<userEmail> -Dpassword=<userPassword> -jar <screensterCIFolderPath>/screenster-ci.jar <projectList>


  • screensterCIFolderPath – path to the folder with the unzipped Screenster CI client.
  • projectList – the list of project names separated with commas. Example:
    My Project1, My Project2
  • userEmail – user login to Example:
  • userPassword – password of the account at

Also the optional parameters can be passed

  • -Dbrowsers=<browsersList>
  • -Dhost=<host>


  • browserList – the list of browsers separated with comma, on which the tests will be run. Default value – chrome,firefox.

For example:

java -Dpassword=123456 -Dbrowsers=chrome -jar d:\ScreensterCi\screenster-ci.jar My Project1, My Project2

In order to prolong your Screenster job on CI, you need to modify the following parameter in the CI file: -Dretries.count.
By default, it is set to 20 retry attempts. You can set it to be longer. For example, the following value:


will provide 2 hours’ time for your tests in this job.

Jenkins Example

  1. Create a “Run tests on Screenster” job
  2. Add build step named “Execute Windows batch command” and put there the command described above.

A generated report can be found in the folder named “reports” located in the ScreensterCI folder.


Want to try Screenster on the cloud?

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