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What is Screenster

Screenster is a web based automation testing platform for visual UI regression testing.

Improving on Selenium, it provides a highly productive collaborative environment where technical and non-technical users can record and manage visual tests.

How it works

1. Record Visual Baseline

As you interact with a web page Screenster records your actions. Unlike other recorders, it captures a screenshot for each step and stores it as a baseline. As soon as you are done recording, you are practically done automating. No coding, no element ids, no adding checks and assertions.

2. Configure Dynamic Areas

Rerun recorded test. If differences are detected between the baseline and regression run screenshots, they are highlighted on the screen. Tell Screenster to ignore the dynamic portions of the UI from future comparison and you are ready to run this test in CI.

3. Manage Differences

Screenster can run tests as part of CI. If a difference is detected between the baseline and a regression run, the test is marked as failed. After a review the tester can approve changes to the baseline or report them as a bug.

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