Top-5 Selenium alternatives in 2018

Whenever someone talks about Selenium alternatives, a frequent question is whether these alternatives exist at all. Ask any tester to recommend one such alternative, and with a 99% probability, they’ll name a tool based on Selenium WebDriver. Besides, how many companies using real Selenium WebDriver alternatives can you name?

Nevertheless, there’s a whole bunch of higher-level WebDriver-based tools that do the job better than Selenium. Available as frameworks, desktop applications, and web platforms, these Selenium competitors address various issues of coding straight to the WebDriver API. And let’s face it, there are quite a few issues. In my experience, the following 5 pain points are near deal-breakers for automation with Selenium.

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QA automation for Ajax UI tools: testing AjaxSwing with Screenster

AjaxSwing automatically converts Java desktop applications to web applications. It was the first product built by our company and is still the only platform capable of automatically running Java Swing apps on mobile devices running iOS and Android. For the first 10 years (10 YEARS PEOPLE!) we were struggling with changes to AjaxSwing because we could never truly understand the effects of each code change. We wanted to automate the UI regression testing with Selenium and tried a few other alternatives, but since none were testing the page visually these tools failed to detect broken CSS and HTML formatting. Touching anything in Java or CSS code was like walking on a minefield with delayed explosions but real pain.

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Visual CSS regression testing tool

The case for CSS regression testing is very simple. When you change a class attribute, how do you know which elements and pages have you actually affected?

CSS changes might very well be the hardest thing to test because unlike JavaScript and backend development, there are no compilers and unit tests that act as a safety net. The only way to find what’s broken is to eyeball each page, which we all can agree is error prone and far from fun. Do humans really still have to slave in front of a monitor for hours doing monkey testing in the brave new world of today??

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Screenster Roadmap: more regression testing features, better UX

Screenster team has big plans for the future and many fresh ideas of improving the process of visual regression testing. This roadmap includes what we are working on and what we want to accomplish.

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Screenster 1.0 is released! UI regression testing made simple

We have FINALLY released the 1.0 version of Screenster! It’s been a long road but we had to make sure we have a product that works. Screenster is now ready for basic and smoke testing and there is a ton of new features on the way.

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