Screenster 1.0 is released! UI regression testing made simple

We have FINALLY released the 1.0 version of Screenster! It’s been a long road but we had to make sure we have a product that works. Screenster is now ready for basic and smoke testing and there is a ton of new features on the way. All of the core features are now working: Visual baseline with changes approval Record/playback of visual tests Ignore regions for dynamic UI Smart dates handling Extend/parameterize tests Smart locators with auto-maintenance Jenkins integration and REST API We are already working on version 1.1 It will have the following cool new features Concurrent test execution Copy/paste everywhere Simplified URL overriding Improved UX Download Screenster server and let us know what you think!   [raw] Want to try Screenster on the cloud? Try Online [/raw]    

Selenium alternatives for testing automation

Given there are so many Selenium alternatives, will the much-famed framework continue to rule supreme in UI testing automation? Companies like Google, Kaspersky, and Samsung are already on the lookout for alternatives to Selenium. So what is it that makes them search for a better solution? Love and Hate with Selenium If you spend enough time automating web applications, you will most likely develop a love/hate relationship with Selenium. The truth is that it’s pretty much the only game in town to drive the browser through the API. That’s where the "love" comes from — you can start writing cross-browser code in your favorite programming language in a matter of hours. Sweet! But spend enough time doing that for a real world application, and you will discover the ugly side of this coin that at times make you pull your hair out. In my experience the following 6 pain points are near deal-breakers for automation with Selenium. 1. Selenium tests are unstable. WebDriver libraries version trail the auto-updating browser and there’s always something small that doesn’t quite work. Often when you get the new version of the Selenium libraries that is supposed to fix the issue, you discover that now... More
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