Manual testing checklist for web applications

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Here’s a fun fact: manual testing accounts for ~75% of functional tests. Let that sink in for a moment. In our brave Agile world that lives by the motto “automate everything”, we only automate 25% of functional testing. Why does this happen?

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A better way to do visual regression testing

The concept of visual regression testing isn’t new, but it’s been in the spotlight lately. There are two factors causing this growth of attention.

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Visual CSS regression testing tool

The case for CSS regression testing is very simple. When you change a class attribute, how do you know which elements and pages have you actually affected?

CSS changes might very well be the hardest thing to test because unlike JavaScript and backend development, there are no compilers and unit tests that act as a safety net. The only way to find what’s broken is to eyeball each page, which we all can agree is error prone and far-from-fun task. In 2016 do humans *really* still have to slave in front of a monitor for hours doing monkey testing??

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