5 strategies to reduce software testing costs

Ever wondered how much software testing costs tech companies? According to Cambridge University, the global annual spend on testing exceeds $300 billion. Software testing takes up 25–40% of a typical IT budget, gravitating towards 40% in 2018. There’s no denying that software testing is an expensive affair, but it’s money well spent if you’re doing it right. Leaking a major bug to end users can cause a 4% decrease of a company’s market value, 5.7% if there are multiple bugs. That’s a $2.6–2.7 billion loss in market capitalization on the scale of a large tech brand. Figures like these dwarf the cost of software testing in 99% of companies. Source: Parasoft What’s more, there’s no shortage of strategies to help you reduce the cost of running software testing. In fact, it’s these cost-optimization strategies that we’re going to focus on in this article. Read on for five useful recommendations on how to reduce testing costs. 1. Test early and often A software defect is 4–5 times cheaper to fix when caught in the early stages of development compared to post-release fixes. The amount of time and effort it takes to identify, scope, fix, and retest defects also differs across unit,... More

What is end-to-end testing and is there a smarter way to automate it?

Table of Contents What is end-to-end testing? End-to-end testing versus system testing End-to-end test example: signing in to Google How to do end-to-end testing? End-to-end-testing automation End-to-end testing on paper and in real life End-to-end testing example: Gmail Automated end-to-end testing, codeless style What is end-to-end testing? End-to-end testing (e2e testing) is a software quality assurance methodology that targets “the flow of an application” functionality- and performance-wise. This methodology checks if an application performs as designed on all levels and across all subsystems. The scope of end-to-end testing encompasses the application in its entirety, as well as its integration with external interfaces and outside applications. Okay, but doesn’t this ring a bell? Whenever someone talks about testing software in its entirety, doesn’t it make you think of system testing? As a matter of fact, novice testers tend to confuse end-to-end testing and system testing due to their seemingly similar scopes. This said, the two couldn’t be more different. End-to-end testing versus system testing Comparing end-to-end testing and system testing, the latter actually has a narrower focus. For this reason, it makes more sense to look at what system testing covers and proceed to what’s added in end-to-end testing. System Testing... More
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