Top-5 Selenium alternatives in 2018

Is there even such a thing as a real Selenium alternative? Ask any tester to recommend one, and with a 99% probability, they’ll name a tool based on Selenium WebDriver. Besides, how many companies using real Selenium WebDriver alternatives can you name? Something tells me the answer is zero.

That said, there’s whole bunch of higher-level WebDriver-based tools that do the job better than Selenium. Available as frameworks, desktop tool, and web platforms, these Selenium competitors address various issues of coding straight to the WebDriver API. And let’s face it, there are quite a few issues. In my experience, the following 5 pain points are near deal-breakers for automation with Selenium.

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End of support for Selenium IDE in Firefox 55+. What can you do about it?

End of support for Selenium IDE in Firefox version 55 and newer (image credit: Freepik)

Mozilla’s decision to cease the support for Selenium IDE in Firefox 55 has drawn the attention of the testing community to a long-standing problem. We’ve all known for years that old-school record-playback tools underdeliver in the way of usefulness. Thanks to Mozilla, this has become more obvious.

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Selenium waits: isn’t it time to move on?

How do you make Selenium WebDriver wait for page to load.

There’s an important difference between a human tester and an automated UI testing tool. This difference comes down to patience: humans are capable of it, and machines aren’t. When processing a test, an automation tool expects to obtain some result, like a button click. If the button is missing, the test fails, which is what we pretty much expect from it If the button takes too long to load, though, the test will also fail, which is certainly not the result we’re counting on.

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Let’s talk about Selenium competitors for UI regression testing

With so many UI testing tools posing themselves as direct competitors to Selenium, which one do you choose? And why opt for a Selenium competitor in the first place?

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Selenium IDE alternatives for UI testing

If you’re searching for good Selenium IDE alternatives, you’re not alone. People discuss alternative record-playback IDEs all the time, on every testing automation forum I’ve seen. So why do we still talk about Selenium IDE?

One obvious reason is its “big brother”, Selenium WebDriver. Ask any tester what the default UI test automation framework is, and they’ll name Selenium. No wonder that Selenium IDE comes to mind first thing whenever someone’s looking for record-playback solutions for UI regression testing. If Selenium is great for writing UI tests, its IDE should be equally great, right?

Well, not quite…

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