9 regression testing tools for web automation

What regression testing tools will you actually want to use in your future projects? I bet Selenium will remain a go-to solution for many, even though the framework will celebrate its 14th birthday this year. But does this make it the right choice for test automation in 2018? In my opinion, it’s not necessarily the case. Call me biased because I’m a part of a team building a Selenium alternative, but this doesn’t mean I’m wrong. There’s a whole bunch of powerful regression testing tools and frameworks out there, and it’s always good to know your options. As far as these options go, here are my personal favourites from 2017. I think it’s these 9 automation testing solutions that you might want to consider in 2018. Top UI regression testing tools of 2017–2018 Test automation frameworks Desktop tools Web-based platforms Selenium TestComplete Usetrace Protractor UFT Ghost Inspector Cucumber EggPlant Screenster   Note that we’re not just talking about frameworks here. The regression testing tools in the table above include codeless and low-code solutions that ship as either desktop or web apps. These two types of testing tools target non-programmers with features like image-comparison-based visual testing and record-playback. In addition, the... More
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