Advanced Topics

Create visual test manually

Recording tests is the easiest and fastest way to automate visual testing. However, if the pages you need to automate are not built yet you can create the test manually.

Go to a project and click on ‘Create test manually’. The same popup window will open as when you start recording, asking for test name and start URL. Click on ‘Create’ and the starter version of your test is ready.

Manually created

Screenster visual testing tool automatically creates two steps: Open URL and Close browser. You can add steps by clicking on ‘+’ near the Close browser step and add as many new steps as you need. But there will be no baseline until you run this test for the first time so screenshot pane on the right will be empty.

Ignore rules: manually create, edit, delete

You can view all existing ignore rules as a list, on a project or a test level. Ignore rule is created each time you add an ignore region.

You can also add an ignore rule manually, for example to exclude ads or new elements that are present on multiple pages before you even start recording. When creating an ignore rule, you need to input a CSS selector pattern for an element or a group of elements which need to be ignored.

For example, to ignore all elements that have CSS class “ad” you can use selector “.ad”. For more examples of CSS selectors see CSS Selector Reference.

Technical information about run

If you go to the View Last Run page and click on ‘Info’ you can find technical information about the step.

Tech info about run

It shows a full list of test steps with the following information about each step:

  • Timeout
  • Full duration time
  • Time needed to stabilize the page before a screenshot could be taken
  • Mean time of comparison with baseline
  • Number of steps (with temporary screenshots taken) before the page stabilization
  • Screenshot size
  • Stabilization outcome: actual stabilization or timeout
  • Baseline match: the result of comparison

Automatic handling of changing dates

The goal of UI testing is to find the differences from the baseline. But if there is an element displaying current date on the page, its area will always be different. Screenster finds such elements by recognizing the date format and analyzing each element’s behavior: if changes are regular then this area is to be automatically ignored when comparing run results to the baseline.

Admin – Maintenance

Maint page

This page contains options for ensuring proper functioning of your Screenster installation and troubleshooting problems. You can delete the result of your test runs, explore your local database using SQL queries or backup it. Clicking on ‘Download log’ will open full Screenster log for current day. Auto-Update should be enabled if you wish to receive regular patches from us. If not, you still can click on ‘Update now’ and wait for several minutes for all changes to be implemented.

Please also check the Basic Topics page for more information on how it all works!


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